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English Foundation Course to empower your language proficiency

Our English Foundation Course aims to provide students with essential knowledge to effectively navigate written and spoken English in practical situations. The program covers elementary and intermediate grammar, vocabulary, communicative spoken English, comprehension of written passages and audio dialogues, as well as sentence and paragraph construction.

Tailored Learning for efficient English Language Proficiency

At the heart of the English Foundation Course lies a commitment to tailored learning that fosters lasting language proficiency. We understand that each student’s learning journey is unique, and our course is designed to accommodate diverse learning styles and paces. Whether you’re a beginner eager to grasp the fundamentals or an intermediate learner aiming to refine your language skills, our curriculum ensures a comprehensive and personalized approach. With interactive exercises, engaging practice sessions, and opportunities for real-world application, our course empowers you to confidently communicate, comprehend, and express yourself in English across various contexts. Step into a learning experience that prioritizes your growth and equips you with the tools for successful language acquisition.

English Foundation Course by Kaplan thru DhakaPrep

By the end of the English Foundation Course, students will have developed the following skills:

1. Grammar: Address significant grammatical errors and exhibit self-awareness regarding their most common grammatical mistakes.

2. Vocabulary: Acquire familiarity with frequently used words in everyday English, and confidently incorporate them into sentences and paragraphs.

3. Spoken English: Demonstrate clear and confident oral communication skills, capable of sustaining extended conversations.

4. Reading: Extract essential information from text excerpts.

5. Listening: Comprehend monologues and conversations, extracting crucial details.

6. Writing: Proficiently compose uncomplicated paragraphs.

What is on the English Foundation Course:

We will focus on the following areas to improve your English language foundation:


· Parts of Speech

· Tenses (Simple, Continuous, and Perfect)

· Sentence Formation and Structure

· Articles

· Subject-Verb Agreement

· and more


· Commonly Used Words, including Spelling, Meaning, Pronunciation

· Application in Sentences and Paragraphs


· Enhanced Speaking Confidence

· Articulate Expression in Monologues and Conversations


· Text Comprehension

· Answering Various Question Types (True/False, Fill in the Gaps, Summarization, Short Questions)


· Understanding Audio at Different Speeds and Dialects

· Extracting Information from Audio Clips


· Crafting Diverse Sentences

· Constructing Coherent Paragraphs

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